Asia Pacific Youth Choir

Asia Pacific Youth Choir 2020 is postponed to 2021

Wed 22 Jul 2020


The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to spread all over the world and we are witness to this worldwide pandemic which has caused the cancellation or postponement of international choral events. 


We checked the COVID-19 situation in the countries represented in the APYC, and several countries are beginning to see a second wave although the situation in Malaysia is improving. 


The Working Committee of the Asia Pacific Choral Council decided yesterday to postpone the APYC2020 session to November 2021, Kuala Lumpur. 


We are mainly concerned with travel restrictions and self-isolation policies: 

1. Tracy Wong, one of the APYC2020 conductors, is unable to travel to Malaysia this year due to Canadian travel restrictions. 
2. Participants are likely to have to self-isolate for two weeks on arriving in Malaysia, and possibly also for two weeks when they go home. This is in addition to the 10-day APYC session. 
As the situation is constantly changing, there is no guarantee that these restrictions all be lifted before November 2020. We also cannot guarantee a risk-free stay in Kuala Lumpur.


The participants' safety and health are important to us. 


At this time, we would like to announce that the all selected singers for APYC 2020 are invited to our next APYC session in 2021.


We hope to see you there!

IFCM Asia Pacific Choral Council - Working Committee

 Yoshihiro Egawa, Japan
 Kathy Fok, Hong Kong - China
 Johnny Ku, Taiwan
 Susanna Saw, Malaysia
 Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng, Philippines
 Jennifer Tham, Singapore