Music Library of Japan Choral Association

●How to use the Music Library of Japan Choral Association


13 years old and over (Junior highschool students)

Library Hours

Monday through Friday 1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

 Library Closed:

(1) Saturdays, Sundays, and the last day of every month (to be announced separately)
(2) National Holidays
(3) New Year's Holidays (to be announced separately)
(4) Other days designated by the President of the Japan Choral Music Library

Issuing the Library Card

Only visitors holding valid library cards may use materials of the library.
Application for a card may be made free of charge.

Validity of the Library Card

The library card is valid from the last renewal fiscal year until the end of March of the following four fiscal years. For example, the newest issued card will be valid from 1 April, 2013 until 31 March, 2018. The next renewal fiscal year will be 2015.

Reissuance of the Library Card

Those who lost the library card report it may if they wish, request the reissuance of their cards. After checking some idetification, the librarian will issue a new library card.

Rules for Using the Library

All visitors to the library are cordially requested to use the library according to the following rules:

(1) On the entering the library, all are required to show the library card to the librarian.
(2) Personal belongings may in principle be brought in the library except for the following items:

a. Food or beverage

b. Portable audio equipments, or portable personal computers (those who wish to use PC are requested to ask to the librarians).

c. Digital cameras.

d. Users of the lbrary are cordially requested to maintain the quiet atmosphere inside and refrain from talking in loud voies, or otherwise disturbing other members.

Use of Library Materials

(1) Reading in the library
a. Scores, concert programmes, books, periodicals and CD liner notes in the open stacks are freely available for use in the library. Please return them to the proper places when you are finished using them.
b. Those who wish to use books in the closed stack are requested to ask the library in advance.

(2) Listening in the library
a. CDs or cassette tapes in the open stacks are available for use in the library. (300 yen per 2 hours).
b. Procedure for listening to CDs and cassette tapes.
Those who wish to listen audio materials are required to take the necessary procedures with attention to the following.

(a) Those who wish to listen to CDs or cassette tapes should bring them from the open stacks, then they should fill in the call number of them on the proper slip and submit it to the librarians.

(b) When returning materials, members should present them to the librarians and pay the fee.

Photo Copy Service

(1) Please note that reproduction of materials in this library must be within limits allowed by the Japanese copyright laws and our own rules for copy service.

(2) Copy services are restricted to the library materials only.

(3) Those who wish to copy music scores and cassette tapes are requested to fill out an application form available at the library.

(4) Copy charges are payable in cash after copying.